All-inclusive services

INVOLTEC has become the specialist in solutions and services devoted to the overwrapping and packaging business. Today it offers expertise in five five market categories, all of which are dedicated to providing the highest quality to respond to customers’ need :

  • Machines
  • Size parts of over wrapping and bagging machines
  • Spare parts
  • Services
  • Films and packaging 


Sales, used equipement, leasing. For every service, the customer enjoys support on a daily basis : after-sales service calls, immediate parts shipment, etc.

All-inclusive service goes hand in hand with the machine product line. An offer designed to support the customer for as long as the machine is in operation :

  • Activation (connection, validation of industrial process) of machines in France and French-speaking countries ;
  • Maintenance on-site or in our workshops ;
  • Maintenance contract ;
  • Training (professional training certification number) ;
  • Research and production of any upstream or downstream bunding system ;
  • Equipement compliance services (casing/protective covering, respect for electrical standards) ;
  • Technical support from our technicians (assistance with production start-up, adjustments, facilities management support) ;
  • Quick guaranteed servicing ;
  • Hotline service ;
  • Parts machining ;
  • Videos, photos and technical data sheets available for download from the web site. 

Standard : +33 (0)1 60 24 40 45  
Fax : +33 (0)1 64 33 98 43 

Certificat CAP0869