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An exclusive line

As the french representation of Marden Edwards brand, INVOLTEC has invested in research and development with its English partener to develop a complete product line that focuses on easy handling and maintenance. Our efforts have paid off : the equipement developed by INVOLTEC is recognized for its quality and technical performance.

Excellence in packaging

Controlled by PCs with touch screens, our machines allow operators to save time when changing formats and boast unprecedented visibility. The capacity of these machines in terms of production speed and product size has been proven in the cosmetics, agri-business and audio-video industries.

Learn more about these top-of-the-line features for overwrapping machines adapted to all fields of use (welding at rear or underneath) :

  • Extensive processing capacity to accomodate all type of speeds, infeeds (left or right brackets, direct line) and bundling (in layers, on flats, by batch, etc.) ;
  • Specialized equipement for various uses (e.g. cosmetic finishing to prevent product scratching) ;
  • Replacement machines provided during maintenance and repair servicing ;
  • Short and long-term leasing ;
  • Leasing contracts with option to purchase.


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